2. How is the CAF TRB/WEPTAC structured? Monday morning (1 Jan 2024) are briefings to the mass Military audience. Then Monday afternoon (1 Jan 2024) through Saturday (6 Jan 2024) Major Weapons Systems Working Groups (MWS WGs), Functional Working Groups (FWGs), Mission Focus Working Groups (MFWGs) will meet. Saturday / Sunday (6/7 Jan 2024) are “as required” . Monday (8 Jan 2024) the working groups will continue to meet and develop their briefings as well as the first day of the C2 Summit hosted by COMACC. Monday night (8 Jan 2024) at 1730 is an Ice Breaker Social open to all Military, Civilians and Industry Reps at the Nellis Club. Tuesday (9 Jan 2024) the Weapons and Tactics Focus Groups meet as well as the second day of the C2 Summit. The evening is free. Wednesday (10 Jan 2024) is the first day of the out brief and will be a day of CAF and DAF briefings. This evening is a separate independent event opening at 1730 the first of two nights of an Industry Trade Show at the Nellis Club. This event is optional and open to all military, civilian and base personnel. Thursday morning (11 Jan 2024) the Keynote Speaker (TBD) will kick of the day followed by briefings to the mass military audience and that afternoon is the MWS WGs out brief to the mass military audience. That evening is the second night of the Industry Trade Show opening at 1730. Friday (12 Jan 2024) in the morning is the FWGs out brief and an executive out brief to the Commander of ACC and other MAJCOM Commanders in attendance in the afternoon.


WEPTAC TRADESHOW January 10 and 11 2024