20. How do Industry Reps gain access to Nellis AFB? The Trade Show POC will develop an Entry Access List (EAL) for all Industry reps who do not have a valid military ID card. The following information will be required to be placed on the EAL: full name, date of birth, social security number, driver license - state and number, Company representing and arrival/departure dates. FOREIGN NATIONALS: "If you are a resident of another country and in the U.S. as a permanent resident, or work authorization of some form, please include your 9 digit Alien Registration number in addition to your submission. It will read on your INS Card as "USCIS#. If you do not have a USCIS# download the FOREIGN VISIT REQUEST FORM for Nellis AFB at the bottom of this page and submit it to tradeshow@weptac.com so it can be signed by Col (Ret) Jacob R. Hamilton and provided to the base Security police. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED NLT 3 JANUARY 2024 OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS NELLIS AFB. Please provide all data requested or your application cannot be validated! To obtain access you must be on the EAL. The following link WEPTAC Tradeshow eal will give you access to a SECURE SITE to provide requested data. Information will only be shared with the 99 Air Base Wing Security Police so they can validate those on the EAL against the National Data Base. Individual should proceed to the gate; identify themselves to the guard on duty as participating in the WEPTAC Trade Show at the Nellis club. One's driver’s license will be compared to the name on the EAL for validation. Those with a valid military ID card or validation on the EAL will allow you access to Nellis AFB. Please ensure the data you provide is accurate as this past year over 40 folks could not be validated and were denied access. In most cases it was due to the wrong info provided. If you experience any difficulties, please call the Trade Show POC. If you have questions about this event, or are interested in participating, please contact the Trade Show POC at 866-681-4069 or E-mail tradeshow@weptac.com. This is also the number to call for any problems you find with this site. FOREIGN VISIT REQUEST FORM WEPTAC Tradeshow eal


WEPTAC TRADESHOW January 10 and 11 2024