10. What is included in the booth space? With each booth space a Company is allowed 2 Corporate representatives who will be badged. Any additional corporate representatives must be identified and will incur a cost of $20.00. All individuals will be badged. During booth set up there will be a Tradeshow representative in the Atrium area to pass out Tradeshow badges. If your Company has not prepaid for your badges the Tradeshow representative will collect the payment (CASH ONLY) and deliver you your badges. There will be a table at each entrance to the Nellis Club during the Tradeshow to check for badges or sell badges for $20.00 (CASH ONLY) for those who have not received a badge. Each space has a 3' x 8' table and as many chairs as desired. Electrical hook-ups are provided. Table cloths will be provided in red, white, or blue, your choice or in any combination you desire. Tables will be skirted if desired. Please make your choice known to the Trade Show POC and on your registration form. If the table and chairs interfere with your display, club personnel will remove the table and/or chairs.


WEPTAC TRADESHOW January 10 and 11 2024