F.A.Q 1. What events take place during the CAF TRB/WEPTAC time frame? 2. How is the CAF TRB/WEPTAC structured? 3. What are the different military working groups? 4. What are the dates and times for the Industry Trade Show? 5. Who may participate in the Industry Trade Show? 6. Does the potential exist for Industry reps to participate in the mass briefs or working group activities? 7. How does Industry provide proposed briefings? 8. How to register for the Trade Show? 9. What is the size and cost of booth space? 10. What is included in the booth space? 11. Are there any additional costs? 12. How and when is payment of fees required? 13. What is the Trade Show fee used for? 14. What is the shipping address for booth displays? 15. Is storage space available, and when should shipments arrive at Nellis AFB? 16. If I need an invoice prior to the Trade Show to make funds available is that possible? 17. Is there an option on booth location? 18. What are the display set up and tear down times? 19. What is the phone number for the Trade Show POC? 20. How do Industry Reps gain access to Nellis AFB? 21. Is it possible for individuals to attend and walk the show?
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WEPTAC TRADESHOW January 15 and 16 2025