2025 WEAPONS AND TACTICS INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW The Combat Air Forces (CAF) Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) is an annual two week event that brings together hundreds of warfighters from the CAF to discuss current issues, to look at future issues, and to provide solutions for joint employment of forces. New technology is a key area. Attendance is primarily Air Force personnel, but there has been an increasing amount of participation from the Army, Navy and Marines. This movement focuses on joint warfighting. It s hosted by the United States Warfare Center and run by Air Combat Command Directorate of Operations. An independent Industry Trade Show runs concurrently during the second week of the CAF WEPTAC and is open to all defense industry organizations including small businesses who want to showcase their existing and future technologies and capabilities. It presents an opportunity for the defense industry to meet with warfighters who currently use or potentially will use their products. They are able to obtain direct feedback from the actual warfighters on what they like and don't like about existing products technology and hear about products they would like to see in future. Industry representatives may participate if invited by the working group chairman. Please read the frequently asked questions for Trade Show details. If you have questions contact the Trade Show POC 866-681-4069.





WEPTAC TRADESHOW January 15 and 16 2025